Jewelry FAQ

Jewelry FAQ & Information

Important: My shop offers a collection of various jewelry quality from costume to semi fine and precious stone jewelry. Please read the description of each piece carefully as they are not all created equally.

What is Gold Filled? Solid layer of thick gold over base metal. Easy to care for and can maintain it's shine for a long time depending on the person! 

What is 14k-18k Gold Plated? A light plating of gold over base metal (usually brass or copper). May lose its gold coating over time. 

Are bracelet and necklace length listed exact? The sizing is approximated with margin for variance by a few millimeters. (i.e. sometimes after adding a ring or clasp it may add a small amount of length but nothing overly drastic).

Will this tarnish or turn green? Gold Plated & Gold Filled jewelry is known to be tarnish resistant and should not turn green. Gold plated jewelry is a color over a base metal.

How do I care for the jewelry? Store in the dust bag or on a cloth-lined jewelry tray. Wipe with damp cloth if needed. Do not submerge in water and avoid harsh chemicals.

Can I wear it in the water? We recommending removing the jewelry before going into the pool or ocean. Pat the jewelry dry after washing your hands.

Can I sleep with the jewelry on? Generally we recommend removing jewelry before going to bed, exercising, etc.

Disclaimer: Different body chemistry and lifestyle may affect the longevity of the gold/coating. We recommend removing all jewelry before showering, swimming, exercising, sleeping, etc. Avoid contact with chemicals or lotions that may effect its quality.