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[ Original Post Date 9/2/2019 ] I've been eyeing the Cartier Love bracelet since last year, but I couldn't get over the Classic's locking mechanism and having to wear it 24/7. I finally tried the Classic and Small in store and found out the Small has a different locking system. And that's what started my obsession on researching the Cartier Love bracelet. I looked all over the internet for as much information and photos I could find (IG, Google, Pinterest, etc). I even posted several polls on my IG (@luxstina) for advice. Hubby and I made plans to make the purchase on our trip to Hawaii to save on sales tax and it would be for our anniversary. So I had several weeks to think about what I really wanted (possibly was a bad idea cause I was stressing over it lol).

I italicized a sentence at the end of section with the key point of each topic for an easier read.

Please continue reading if you'd like to learn more about my overall experience & thought process :)

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The Styles

Cartier love bracelet small and classic
Classic Love and Small Love Bracelet

There are 2 styles of the love bracelet (without diamonds): Small and Classic. Each are different on their own.

Initially I wanted the Small Love bracelet because I liked that it was easier to take on & off cause it has a hinge on 1 side & great for stacking. Whereas the Classic Love Bracelet can be worn alone or stacked but it isn't easy to take on & off (it's expected to worn 24/7).

I contemplated between the Small and Classic for several weeks!

I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted both (LOL). That is probably why I had a hard time deciding. I figured it would make more sense to get the Classic one first (cause it's the original design) and because it would be easier to save and get the Small version later on in life (if I still truly wanted it).

The Color

There are 3 main metals to choose from: White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Pink Gold. I was leaning towards Yellow Gold to match my sweet Van Cleef bracelet. But I told myself I would try on the Pink Gold in the Classic before making the final decision.

I was in between the Yellow Gold and the Pink Gold

The Sizing

After I decided on the Classic style, I started debating between the size 16cm and 17cm. My wrist measures about 15.5cm. The Cartier Sizing Guide recommends adding 1cm for close fit and 2cm for loose fit.

Cartier love bracelet different sizes classic and thin
My right hand I am wearing Small in 17cm. Left hand is Classic style top is 17cm and bottom is 16cm.

Since my wrist bone measures about 15.5cm, the 16cm would only give me 0.5cm of gap versus 17cm would give me 1.5cm. To me 0.5cm gap is really close and that means no swelling is allowed and absolutely no weight gain. Also, the inside of the bracelet is not flat, the screws stick inward so there's less space in that area.

I tried the bracelet on at least 3 times in the store. And as expected based on the measurements, the 16cm was tight/close fit especially around the wrist bone area. And the 17cm was looser, more comfortable imo. I really wish they made half sizes (lol).

At least 3 Cartier Client Advisors (CA) recommended the 16cm for me. Based on my IG poll 78 out of 127 people preferred the 16cm & 119 people out of 183 voters preferred the close fit. It seemed like the everyone really liked the 16cm/close fit (lol). The PurseForum was the only place where it was a majority of responders recommended the 17cm to be on the safer side (for the same reasons I mentioned earlier). There were also a few lovely people on IG who would DM me and we'd have a whole discussion on sizing which was very insightful and I appreciate them so much for their time (if you're reading this, you know who you are)!

So the few days before me & hubby were going to make the purchase, my mind was leaning towards Classic, Yellow Gold, and size 16cm cause it seemed like the most popular choice.

Day of Purchase

Cartier champage

We went to the Cartier store in the Ala Moana Center in Waikiki, Hawaii. The CA that helped us was great and recommended by a fellow luxe lover (thanks dear!). We had champagne to celebrate! :)

I tried on the Cartier Love Bracelet in yellow gold, pink gold, and also in the Small versions and Juste Un Clou's. I tried on as many combinations as I could and switched arms for comparison. My CA was extremely helpful and did not look annoyed or bothered with me trying on all these pieces (lol).

I stood in front of the mirror admiring the bracelets for awhile... and finally ended up going for the Pink Gold! And if I'm being real honest, Pink Gold is my preferred finish/metal. I think Yellow Gold and White Gold looks amazing on other people but once I tried on the Pink Gold, I knew this would be with me forever (as it also matches my wedding ring set). The hubby and CA also agreed that Pink Gold matched my wedding set and skin tone the best.

Me & hubby ended up purchasing the Classic style 16cm in Pink Gold cause it matched me better

But wait...

The next morning I made an unboxing video and had my hubby put on the bracelet for me. Since we were in Hawaii, it's hot and humid and the bracelet was sticking to me to the point where it felt like it was pinching me. I could not stop thinking about it and I told my hubby it felt uncomfortable. He agreed that I should exchange it because of the reasons I gave above about weight gain, swelling, etc. I reached out to my CA and he happily said to come back and exchange it for the next size up. He even found a bracelet with auspicious numbers in the authenticity code (consists of the numbers 568)!

Glad I was able to exchange the 16cm for the Classic style, size 17cm, in Pink Gold :)

Here is a list of items that came with my purchase:

Cartier love bracelet packaging
Classic Love in Pink Gold

  • Cartier Box
  • Jewelry Box with Screwdriver inside (& obviously the bracelet lol)
  • Shopping Bag
  • Travel pouch
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Authenticity Certificate
  • Proof of Purchase (aka. Receipt)
  • A box of Big Island Candies cookies (as a gift for our anniversary)
  • Champagne


Cartier love bracelet packaging
Gorgeous packaging

I am so relieved and happy to have gotten the 17cm Cartier Love Bracelet. Now I think my love bracelet is absolutely perfect. And I love how the certificate has our actual wedding anniversary date on it (the first certificate was a couple days before). So I'm even more in love with it. Also, love that the code inside has good fortune numbers.

If you are considering purchasing a love bracelet. I hope it's not as complex as my experience (lol). I normally do not go through this extreme thought process but the item has such a premium price tag I wanted it to be perfect. My suggestions is to go with your heart and to take advice of others, even the client advisors, with a grain of salt. Remember that you are the one wearing it and it needs to be 100% comfortable, what you want, and absolutely love!

I honestly love this Cartier Love bracelet & do not regret it at all! Wearing it 24/7 has not been an issue for me. I actually think it's more convenient that I don't have to take it off :)

Please let me know in the comments below do you put this much thought into purchasing a luxury piece? I usually do if it has a high price point.


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