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Hey guys! Just wanted to share some frequently asked questions about my VCA Sweet Alhambra bracelets. Some I included on my own because I thought it'd be helpful.

The 2 VCA pieces I currently own are Mother of Pearl.

  1. Does the clover motif constantly spin around my wrist? Yes it does since the motif has weight to it, gravity will want to pull it down especially if you are moving your arms around. The butterfly motif spins more than the clover imo, I assume because the butterfly is a bit larger."

  2. Does the spinning bother me? No, not really. Most of the time it sits where I can still see the motif (bottom, top, side).

  3. Do you wear it everyday? Yes but not 24/7; I take it on & off. More on this in the next question...

  4. Do you wear it in the shower? No because it’s not recommended to get it wet. I have 2 Mother of Pearl (MOP) bracelets and they are considered delicate stones--susceptible to scratches, loss of lustre, shrinking, discoloration, etc. Chemicals can also effect the finish.

  5. Can you get it wet? Same reasons as above. I think the only stone/material that you can get wet without any real damage is diamonds or the full gold motifs.

  6. Wear & tear? I’ve had my Clover VCA for a little over a year and it has shrunk slightly and moves around under the setting when I touch it. I only noticed this after I got my butterfly one (whoops). So now I've invested in dish washing gloves and more careful to not get it wet when washing my hands or gardening. These are the gloves I use (affiliate link)

  7. Can you repair the MOP? Yes it can be repaired for a fee at VCA (I was told around a few hundred dollars. But contact your store for exact pricing.)

  8. Do I recommend VCA? Yes I love wearing my VCA jewelry! They really are beautiful & high quality pieces!

  9. Do I think the sweet motif is too small? Personally I like dainty pieces so this fits the bill. But if you want jewelry that is "substantial" and have the budget for it the alternative is the 5 motif.

  10. Is it “worth” it? In my opinion, yes. Cost per wear is low as I wear it almost everyday and plan to keep it for many years if not forever. It maintains/holds its value based on the resell market (always a good thing). Of course there are alternative brands at lower price points, but it's always up to personal preference and budget. I don't think something is less beautiful because it costs less as long as quality is up to par!

If there's something I didn't answer, please feel free to leave a comment below! :)


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